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Microsoft provides almost 50 different transition templates to choose from.  Which ones should you use and when?

This tutorial will help you out by recommending 10 specific transitions that are appropriate for professional use.  Including specialized versions for targeted situations.

For each transition, we will explain their use and unique features, including how to customize to optimize for online presentations, which can be challenging presentation platforms.


00:00 Intro
01:13 #1 Fade – Traditional
02:00 Transition Fade Through Black
02:57 #2 Push – Traditional
03:50 #3 Reveal – More Drama
05:14 #4 Dissolve – Take Notice
06:00 Dissolve Issue with Same Background
06:39 #4a Checkerboard – Get MORE Notice
07:01 #5 Honeycomb – Very In Your Face Change
08:24 #6 Glitter – More In Your Face Change – Faster
09:36 #6a Vortex – Big Attention Getter
10:00 #7 Gallery – Great for Photos
11:03 #8 Shred – Big Change!!
12:00 #9 Window – Dynamic Motion to Next Slide
12:45 Issue with different backgrounds vs Patterns
13:13 #9 Window with Photos
13:39 #10 Ferris Wheel – A Wild Ride
14:45 #11 Specialized MORPH – A Intro
16:28 Wrap-Up


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 Welcome to our opinion of the top 10 PowerPoint Built-IN Transitions

I’m Les McCarter from Power Up Training, where my decades of experience become your expertise for free.

Microsoft provides almost 50 different transition templates to choose from.  Which ones should you use and when?

I’m going to help you out by recommending 10 specific transitions that are appropriate for professional use.  Including specialized versions for targeted situations.

For each transition, I will explain their use and unique features, including how to customize to optimize for online presentations, which can be challenging presentation platforms.

Stay to the end, as I will explain how you download a cheatsheet.

So let’s power up and find the right top ten transitions in PowerPoint.

Welcome to my top 10 powerpoint transitions pay close attention to the bottom left-hand corner of our screen as it’s going to preview the upcoming transition to the next slide our first one is going to be fade at the normal transition speed my number one choice is fade it is my go-to choice for most of my presentation because it is a very simple transition that’s not noticeable but it’s also a nice way to avoid the fast cut from slide to slide it is smooth and it has an extra feature called through black which we’ll talk about in a moment it’s good for everyday presentations it’s very subtle meaning that the audience isn’t going to notice or get tired of this even in a long slide show it does not add much to the presentation because it’s a fast transition however it might not look very good on an online presentation because they may not even notice if you want it a little more noticeable and use this online or even for a nice dramatic effect consider using the fade through back which we’ll show in a few moments let’s see the normal transition but at a slower speed we’re going to go at two seconds as opposed to 0.7 watch closely as it fades out and then fades back in this is a nice effect for almost every single presentation here’s a variation of the fade and that’s the fade through black you’re going to see it show up on the screen and instead of just fading into the new slide it’s going to have a black background show up as we fade to black and then fade to the slide here we go if you don’t know how to turn on the effect options do look up above for our youtube advanced transition tutorial now to transition number two which we call push as you can see the push transition literally pushes one slide up on top of the next slide is actually another relatively fast duration so it does not add a whole lot of time and you do have multiple effect options to be able to push from the bottom from the left the top and the right i do find this is another great one for everyday types of business presentation it’s much more visible and it’s relatively quick it does add a second but that’s not too bad as we’ll see in some of our future transitions it literally is saying i’m moving from one slide to the next slide see how it pushes up let’s see it again this time we’re going to do it at two seconds and we’re going to push it in a different direction and now it’s coming down so multiple choices let’s go on to number three which is the reveal transition reveal adds some drama as it pushes the existing slide forward and zooms out and then zooms the next slide in it is similar to our previous ones but it adds an extra movement with some drama it does however add significant time to your presentation with a whopping 3.4 seconds of a duration there are several choices including the ability to change the way that it’s moving neither right or left and it also includes my favorite the through black combination it is classy with the motion but you do want to keep this for shorter slide presentation because an example of a 20 slide presentation multiply that by 3.4 seconds and you’re adding a minute just to do moving from slide to slide to slide it is very visible including online presentations let’s see it again i’m going to stretch it out to six seconds and you can see it’s slowly stretching out and the new slide stretching back into place once again pretty cool let’s see it again i’m going to show it though at a slower than normal speed using the fade to black here we go out we go to the black screen and then we come back in again once again a classy look next up is dissolve watch as it sort of pixelates going from slide to slide this had a little more pizzazz and it does give you the ability to move at a relatively quick period of transitions with a 1.2 second for the change notice i also include checkerboard which is a variation of this one if you elect to do checkerboard which we’ll see also in a few moments it is much longer in fact it’s double the duration there are no special effects for the dissolve although checkerboard has a few changes there this is saying i am changing slides take notice and i would use this from time to time but sparingly for several reasons one is going to get a little boring if you use it for every single slide and it does add significant time note that it does work great for online we’ll see this in the check report in just a moment let’s see the dissolve running at twice the speed here we go and you can see it take place it works best if you have lots of changes on the screen because if you’re dissolving the background is exactly the same people don’t see anything however if you change the background watch this you can see it literally pixelating as we went from one background to the next how often you’re going to change the background though is up for debate let’s see now with checkerboard checkerboard doesn’t care what the background is it’s going to change it to a black background and then flip it forward so once again do take note that with checkerboard it is going to double the time between slides let’s see it one last time great if you thought checkerboard provided a distinct change from slide to slide wait until you see our next number five honeycomb honeycomb is wild and it provides a very very pizzazzy in your face change as it goes through and puts a new slide on front and like before it adds a lot of time to your presentation a whopping 4.4 seconds there are no special effect changes here and it is best used if you’re changing topics it’s like an exclamation mark so you might consider it for a very specific slide change if you want to get your audience attention but don’t overuse it because if you have for example a 20 slide presentation it’s going to turn it into an extra one and a half minutes longer this will work great on online presentations but people on the other end with a slower connection speed might see a little pixelation along the way let’s see it again i must slow it down and you see the honeycomb spin it then pops things out and starts to populate the new pieces in it is pretty slick but once again it will get tiring over and over again let’s see it at this regular speed here great as you can see we’ve moved into our more exciting transition group the next one like honeycomb is another in your face it’s called glitter here we go it’s like a smaller little honeycombs as they trickle across the screen it does not take quite as long as the earlier honeycomb but it’s still up there close to four seconds there are some changes you can make of changing the shapes from hexagon to diamonds and have they come in different directions it’s another one of those in your face saying i’m changing the slide and once again don’t use it for the whole presentation but maybe for a special slide that you want to make sure that people notice that you’re changing gears as you move on to the next slide in your slide deck and for online presentations they will know that you’re changing slides let’s see it once again slow down just so you can watch it more closely here we go as it ripples across you literally see the slides and having the black background makes it change even if you kept the same background on your screen the variation of this similar to glitter is something called vortex let’s watch this one that is even more exciting along the screen once again it gets the tension but i would not use it too often let’s watch it again as it ripples and kind of rolls through the screen and then reassembles with the next slide that’s pretty cool but be careful and use it sparingly next up gallery number seven gallery moves us into our specialty transitions in this particular situation it is actually great for showing a collection of photos as the slide piv is out and brings the next slide in it takes a little time but it’s not too much of a penalty on your duration it has some effects both right and left i do find this is great for an online gallery both online and in real life let’s take a look you see it pivots out it shows a little shadow down below you’ll see the glow as we go between the slide a black background and the new one i want to show this in a more realistic example of having photos watch carefully there we go here’s our first photo as i said before look at the bottom as we go before it shows a mere faded portion of the slide as we flip through the presentation this works great for full screen photos or other specialty images as you move forward now let’s go from the smooth gallery photo piece to a more exciting look which is called shred this is not calm it is going to get people’s attention it makes a point as it breaks things up as if you’re shredding paper and reassembling them it does take three seconds so it’s on the longer side and you do have just two special effects of getting from right or left once again it’s one for getting attention but not one that should be overused let’s see shred going at twice the duration time of six seconds and we’ll see it go shredding out changing slides and shredding back together again let’s see it again at normal speed so it’s an exciting transition that should be used for special situations on to number nine transition called window it’s as if you’re opening up a window to reveal the slide behind it’s dynamic and it provides a relatively quick move from slide to slide and adds motion as you go forward you do have a couple effect changes of both vertical and horizontal you might consider this as a intro to a new topic such as saying we’re opening a window to see what’s coming up and it’s relatively fast so speed is not a concern i do want you to take note that if you have the same solid background it looks as if just the images and the text is zooming in and out without changing the background let’s go ahead and take a look at the window transition running at this lower three second transition piece you’ll see how the background did not change and looked like things just could have appeared from the background that’s pretty slick let’s see it with a background change because i’m not sure i like the patterns it just doesn’t seem to look the same i like the solid background as opposed to having patterns in the background now let’s see this if we do it with our photos because it’s a nice effect when running with photos you can see our photo popping here and now we’re transitioning to the next photo notice that there is the background color from the foundation slides with the photo then zooming through the window slick part of the dynamic transitions is our next number 10 which is called ferris wheel and it’s a wild ride is literally as if it’s spinning in from the outside it’s very fancy and it is a little longer than our typical duration at two seconds there’s some extra effects of whether you’re doing the ferris wheel in from the right or the left it’s best use you need to pick and choose this for a specialty situation it is slick but if you’re doing it over and over again it might make people feel a little dizzy let’s take a look as we do the slide transition once again using the solid background as it will not move and that way the individual images and text will sort of slide out and then slide back in as it rotates through like a ferris wheel let’s see that one more time sliding down and sliding back in once again with a solid background it looks pretty cool one last time and there we go i’m going to show you one more transition we’re going to fade out and look at number 11 that’s not included it’s called morph morph is a worthy contender for the top 10 transitions but it is specialized and we do have a separate tutorial that you can find on our youtube channel but just to give you a preview of what it’s all about is that it creates a movement from slide to slide take a look here’s our first slide that we’re on at the moment when we go to the transition to the second slide we’re going to actually literally move the text from the top left corner to the middle and i’m going to change colors and we’ll see when we do the transition it’s going to slide down and change into the new location and the new color i’m going to add a third slide and this time i’m going to change colors again but move the whole text slightly off the outside boundary of the slide so that the title literally moves off the slide here we go from slide 1 to slide 2 the colors changed it changed location and now we’re going to go to the third transition that’s going to move the text completely off the slide as it changes colors that’s a pretty slick transition but does require some extra preparation so do subscribe to our power-up training so that you can see this specific tutorial on to our last one which is one you do not want to use that’s called airplane it just is too cheesy that brings us to the end of our demonstration of the top 10 powerpoint transitions according to me 

Wrap up

There you go, you are now a master of everything PowerPoint Transitions.

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