Power UP! Training is all about getting you POWERED UP with the skills you need to be successful in your career. Our primary focus is on Microsoft Office tools. All for free.

Philosophically, we are all about setting knowledge free and sharing our years of experience with you.

Strategically our training is unlike typical keystroke by keystroke video training that you find on YouTube. We bring our years of experience to COACH you to success. You will learn not just how, but also the why, sprinkled in with insider tips.

Our lead trainer, Les McCarter, has spent decades in both the business and government world. He has used Microsoft Office tools to excel in his career.

He also spent 12 years as a technical classroom trainer helping 1,000’s of students become experts in a variety of office software tools, plus back-office server and networking technologies.

We use high-end video and audio recording equipment. And we can produce sophisticated training for companies on specific tools (at a reasonable cost). Contact us for more information about a free consultation and demo.

Power Up Training YouTube training started in the Fall of 2020, we are working through the collection of Office 365 tools, Starting with PowerPoint. Excel and Word will follow: subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep informed of new free courses: https://youtube.com/channel/UCQBjvamr65GUrgQWBsaMjvQ

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