Tutorial: Advanced Slide Show Transitions

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If you know the basics of using the slide transition tool in PowerPoint, then you are now ready to take it to the next level with this advanced tutorial.

Learn the advanced options for PowerPoint Transitions. This tutorial digs deep into all the controls, from timing to automation and five practical power Pro Tips! We discuss and fix issues with online presentations through Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, and screen recordings. Also included are some fixes for slide won’t advance when clicked and how to create unique transitions that no one else has.


00:00 Intro
01:00 Applicable Versions
01:28 Adding Transitions
02:03 Issues with Transitions Online – Zoom, Meetings
02:34 Short Cut to Start from Current Slide
03:06 Slowing Slide Duration
03:30 Additional Effect Options
03:57 Different Effects based on Selected Transitions
04:33 Effect Options Grayed Out – Why?
04:45 Why Slide Won’t Advance With Mouse Click?
04:58 “On Mouse Click” Trouble
05:20 Slide Automation with Slide Advance by Time
05:56 Create Unique Slide Transtion
07:51 Five Pro Tips to Manage Transitions
08:04 #1 Change Duration to Match the Platform
08:15 #2 Avoid Too Busy Transitions for Online Video Conferencing
08:30 #3 Avoid Abrupt Slide Show END
08:49 How to Create a “Bookend” Last Slide
09:52 #4 Avoid SOUND EFFECTS!!
10:15 #5 Be Consistent, Use the Same Transition
10:35 #5a Break the Rule for Special Radical Ideas
10:55 Wrap-Up


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All Versions from PowerPoint 2013 to the latest Office 365 for both Windows and Mac

Level Foundation

Course Completed Complete

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Welcome to our Advanced Slide Transitions in PowerPoint tutorial.

I’m Les McCarter from Power Up Training, where my decades of experience become your expertise for free.

If you are new to transitions, then consider going to our first tutorial in this series that is listed above.

But you are at the right spot if you need to understand the details of controlling your slide transitions.

Take a look at the topics listed here as a preview.  Including a trick, you won’t find elsewhere on how to create a customer transition based on your own creative ideas

And at the end, I provide five pro tips from my decades of presenting PowerPoint to audiences small and large.

So let’s power up on get going on Advanced Slide Transitions in PowerPoint.

So let get into PowerPoint and do it!

we’re working on a windows pc using the latest office 365 but this will work the same on a mac and all the way going back to powerpoint 2013. we’ll be using a pre-built tutorial presentation slide deck which you see from a bird’s eye view with the slide sorter view i love this view as i can find the slide i want to focus on and just double click to switch to the focused standard view from here we’re selecting the transition tab on the ribbon menu if you’ve not used transitions before or you want a solid grounding do look for our introduction youtube tutorial listed above as a refresher if you hover your mouse over a transition it will give you a pop-up hint of what the transition will do for the selected uncover powerpoint explains that it will move the previous slide out of the way quickly and reveal the current slide remember transitions are applied to the entrance of the selected slide not the exit as i’ve commented in previous tutorials transitions look best in real life over the internet such as this youtube tutorial or live zoom video conferencing meetings effects gets lost in the pixelated video transmissions so i’ll be slowing down some of these effects to make them more obvious in our tutorial look at how i increase the duration of the effect so let’s see this in slideshow mode but wait if i click the top left slideshow jumpstart icon i’ll have to go through 13 slides from the beginning to see our transition so instead let’s use this pro tip to click the bottom right corner slideshow icon to start the slideshow from the currently a slide and to witness the transition i want to start on the slide just before the slide i want to examine so now in slideshow mode with one click our desired slide slides over from right to left recall i purposely slowed down the transition but now that we’re aware that there is a timing associated to the transition it’s important to note that different transition effects have different time durations look as i select several different choices and watch the changing time durations so specific longer duration transitions may be more appropriate for video conferencing now let’s examine deeper controls we have over specific effects depending on the selected transition there are additional effect options that we control by clicking the down arrows of the effect option with a split transition we can elect to have the split move in or out for both the vertical and horizontal directions and pay close attention to the effect option icon appearance as it will change based on the selected transition effect as i choose uncover the icon changes as does the appearance and a whole new set of decision controls the same for the selection of random bars with the new effect option icon and more control choices specific to this effect and with the shape effect selected we have three different shapes to choose from plus in words and outwards but not all effects have option modifiers such as when we select curtains it’s just the effect and no other modifications now on to another advanced feature or should i call it a pitfall by default all slide transitions are kicked off by way of a mouse click if we turn off this tick mark and leave on mouse click empty we can get ourselves into trouble watch moving into the slideshow on the previous slide once i enter into the cupcake click click click does not move me to the next slide the only way is to hit the spacebar or the right arrow key or hit the escape key to escape completely so you might want to just leave this untouched but right below this choice is an automation control where you can automatically advance the slide based on a setting of seconds so maybe you want to make sure you don’t advance with the mouse click and just have it wait for the automated advanced based on time so let me advance it to a four second wait and it’s good to know that you don’t have to turn on or off the on mouse click they are not related and then i’m gonna go to the previous slide and test this out and in this slideshow we moved to that slide and one two three four transition without a click so let’s get fancy and combine some of our new skills to create a unique transition that does not exist in powerpoint we’ll combine two transitions into one with a blank slide between and some automation i’ll add a new slide after the cupcake slide i’ll right click on it and change the layout to blank and then right click on the blank slide itself and choose format background and turn on hide background graphics this will create a visual buffer slide between our soon to be created doubly apply transitions our transition number one will be on cover moving the new blank slide from right to left and then the next following slide we will do the same by choosing uncover to make it unique we’re going to alter it so that it goes from left to right so let’s go test it out in the slideshow mode so here’s our first transition going from right to left and then the second transition going left to right that was cool but we can improve upon it we want to speed up the in between blank slide by automating it with an advance after 0.5 seconds for an in-person presentation i would make it even shorter for a cooler effect now let’s go try it out again so i launched a slideshow this time when i do a single click it will automatically advance and then automatically advance again so we just combined two transitions with some additional automation to make our own customized slide transition so now go use your own imagination to create your own personalized specialized effects on to our last section five pro tips for managing transitions in your professional presentation consider changing the transition duration speed based on the effect especially if you’re presenting online or if on stage speeding up some of the slower transitions tip number two if you’re presenting online or recording your presentation for future use avoid the more action-oriented transitions as the effect will get lost in the recording process tip number three avoid the sudden jolt of nes slideshow with an empty screen it’s not uncommon that you get so excited about reaching the end that you click the advanced button and hit the black void ending screen which is awkward if you then have to answer questions so create a better ending by duplicating your title slide let’s take a look let me demonstrate the black void i’m going to escape out i’m going to go to the last slide i’ll launch the slideshow mode and then with the click on the last slide we then run into the empty end of show click to exit message so the elegant pro trick is to duplicate the title slide in slide starter mode i’m going to go to the first slide i’m going to right click on it i’m going to choose duplicate slide and then like a game of solitaire i’m going to click and drag it to the end then heading back to the transition menu i’m going to get a nice subtle fade transition and we’re ready to test it out so if this was our slideshow when the final summary slide pops up on the screen and i’m through with it i can click one more time and up pops the title slide that i can leave on the screen for questions or to be able to escape out completely and now to continue back to our tips with my personal dislike of sound effects powerpoint lets you add sound to your transitions but i think it’s a cheesy trick and a hassle to get right as you have to be all set in advance to make sure that the sound is playing out of your computer using the right output and at the right volume my tip skip it strategy number five consistency use the same or similar transition for the whole presentation the goal is not to entertain your audience between slides as it is the contents of each slide that should be the star if your audience is noticing the transitions that is probably not right my last rule is that sometimes you need to break the rule and this is not a consistent calm transition if you’re introducing a new radical idea slide or a new presenter then do use a more excitable transition to indicate the change of pace 

There you go, you are now a master of everything PowerPoint Transitions.

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