Solution: Fix Broken Characters & Words Morph in PowerPoint

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Why is word Morph not working with characters and words in the PowerPoint transition tool?

We walk through how the tool works and what will break it.  Learn how to fix the issue and a few extra tricks to jazz up your presentation.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:19 Required Versions
  • 00:29 Word Swapping
  • 01:14 Turn on WORDS in Effect Option
  • 01:37 Words Must Match
  • 02:11 Character Swapping
  • 02:43 Turn on CHARACTERS in Effect Option
  • 02:57 Will Only Morph 1st Instance
  • 04:07 Capitalization Matters
  • 04:33 Caps Only First Letters


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility PowerPoint 2019 up to the latest Office 365 for Windows and macOS


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Here is a quick fix for PowerPoint Morph transition not working with letter morphing.

Hi, this is Les from Power Up Training with a follow-up to our extended YouTube Morph tutorial.

Specifically focusing on the annoyance of words and characters NOT morphing.

PowerPoint 2019 through Office 365 for Windows and macOS has two text morphing tools. The easiest of the two is WORD transformations.

As a refresher, slide morph transitions are between two slides. So for our word swapping example, I will duplicate the slide and then move the word “WORD” by cutting and pasting it to the end. Plus give it some color of red.

So make the transiton happen, I will go to the duplicated slide and click the TRANSITION ribbon menu and select MORPH.

To test this, we need to be on the preceeding slide and then use the bottom right shortcut screen icon to launch the slide show from the current slide.

A-n-n-d RATS, It did not work. It just faded in with no word motion.


And with the word effect option turned on, we now see the last two word motion swapping in the slide show.

But lets break this by adding the letter s to the end of word. I want to demonstrate that the words have to be exactly the same for the morph magic to work.

Watch carefully as the SWAPPING will motion move but WORDS will just fade in.

And just to contrast, I will remove the extra letter s to make all the words match and now the slide show morph transition has both words motion moving in opposite directions as they swap locations.

Now to the second special effect for text with morph transition. Not word swapping but letter swapping. The moving of matching letters between two slides.

Let me show an example.

We will morph only the matching letters between the phrase CHARACTER MORPH and LETTER CHANGE.

The common letters are C A H E R

So on the 2nd slide, I will to to TRANSITION ribbon menu and select morph, But I must remember to also select the EFFECT OPTION and choose CHARACTER.

then go to the preceeding slide and start the slide show.

Now lets see a common problem with this class look of letters morhping fromt he alphabet to the the target phrase.

I will add in the the words “NOT MORPHING” and change the size and color to red.

Then we will duplicate the slide. On this duplicate we will go to TRANSTION and apply the MORPH effect, then making sure to tgo the EFFECT optoins to select CHARACTERS.

Lastly, I will go into the preceeding slide and remove the phrase NOT MORPHING. And we will test it out.

and then go to the first slide and remove the phrase NOT MORPHING

Morph will only morph the first instance of the letter, not any following duplicates. And with our alphabet still on the page, it IS Morphing, but we just don’t see it as it is morphing the alphabet to the alphamet.

SO if we remove the letters on the second page, we can test this out again with no changes to our alreadyh applied morph settings.

But lets show several other reasons why morphing might break and that has to do with capitilization. They must match. Watch as i use an existing PowerPoint cool tool on the Home Menu to change the caps to lower case

And now that NOT MORPHING is all lower case, it no longer morphs.

But if I go back in with the same cap tool and make the first letters of each words capital, we now see jus the letters N and M morphong

So we have now covered multiple reasons why character and word morphing is not working and how to fix, plus some xtra special effects along the way.

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