Tip: Repeat Last Action Plus Two Painter Repeat Tools

About this lesson

The last action PowerPoint Repeat, Undo and Redo commands can be confusing & dangerous when you want to save yourself from a mistake.

These tools can also be your friends to power through the creation process, especially the two format painter tools for style and bullet point animation.

Learn all five commands.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:24 High-Level Undo, Redo & Repeat
  • 00:52 Undo Command in Depth
  • 01:34 Undo Keyboard Shortcut
  • 02:00 Undo Fuzzy Text Undo
  • 02:14 Undo Icon Shortcut
  • 03:15 Undo Summarized
  • 04:24 Repeat Command
  • 06:00 Not Everything Repeats
  • 06:20 Add REDO to Quick Action Toolbar
  • 06:35 Repeat Summarized
  • 07:34 Redo Command
  • 09:24 Redo Summarized
  • 09:42 Both Format Painters
  • 10:00 The Style “Format” Painter
  • 11:19 Speed Formatting Trick
  • 11:37 Animation Painter Tool
  • 12:14 Summary of Both Painter Tools
  • 12:40 The Wrap-Up


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All Versions


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