Power Tip: Three Required Powerpoint Slides Every Presentation Must Have!

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What Are the Three Required Slides?

All successful presentations should have these REQUIRED 3 PowerPoint slides: 1) a special opening agenda slide, 2) a closing “Call To Action” slide and 3) an ending bookend slide.

Are They Really “REQUIRED?”

Numbers 1 and 2 are a MUST!  If not, you risk not achieving your objectives.  And Number 3 is just a classy touch that takes a couple mouses clicks.

This is a simple trick that will enhance your effectiveness in presenting by focusing your audience on your goals at the start, and then “asking the question” at the end to accomplish your goals, and lastly not jolting your audience with an abrupt ending screen.

In five minutes, I will show you what these three required slides should look like and how to incorporate them into all your future PowerPoint presentations.

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Contents, with video timestamps:

  • Intro 0:00
  • Hands-On 0:53
  • Slide #1 THE PITCH 1:23
  • Slide #2 THE CLOSE 2:42
  • Slide #3 THE EXIT 3:06
  • Wrap UP 4:23


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All versions of PowerPoint (and even Google Slides and Apple Keynote

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Rough Video Transcript of “3 Required Powerpoint Slides for All Presentations”


Do you want your presentation to succeed? 

You’ve gone to all this trouble, you might as well take these extra steps to increase the effectiveness of your presentation with your target audience. 

What you want to do is add in slide number one, which I’m calling the pitch. 

The pitch slide is sort of an agenda, but we’ll see how is a special type of agenda that ties in with the second required slide which we call the close the close and the pitch work together. 

And lastly, just to add a little bit of class we’re going to add in the Exit slide. 

So stay tuned for the next four minutes and find out what the three slides you need in every presentation. So let’s go power up. 

Let’s use this demo presentation to illustrate our ideas. The first requires light is the pitch, which is typically right after the title slide. The second requires slide is the close and is typically next to the last I’ve got some extra slides that will get rid of in just a few moments. 

The third required slide is the exit and I’m going to have a quick trick at the very end to show you how easy this slide can be created. Right after your title slide comes slide number two, which we are calling our first required slide the pitch. Also known as the agenda. 

It is where you are stating your objectives for the presentation. Stop right there. If you’re not sure what your objectives are then you will fail and waste everyone’s time. Your presentation must have a clearly defined called action. What’s the call to action? It could be a decision you are requesting and getting a yes or no vote from. 

You can also be a changing of your audience’s perspective or opinions or could just be an education on a topic. All of these are your call to actions. If you’re struggling with this concept, I suggest you look for our master class called the key to a successful PowerPoint presentation is strong editing. 

So our first requires slide is the call to action stating what you’re attempting to achieve. Therefore the second required slide is the closing. The closed slide which is second to last brings you back full circle to your agenda slide and you’re now making the summation of why people should reach your call to action to succeed. All your proceedings slides should lead up to your grand finale to drive home you’re called to action. 

So what is the mysterious last slide? If you do nothing when you’re making your presentation in the last slide is finished up will pop up the dreaded in those slideshow click to exit. Or maybe even worse you’ve made a goofy. God questions slide. In my opinion, the classy way to end is to bring back your title slide and I have a quick trip to make this happen. 

All you need to do is be in the slide sort of view right-click on your title slide and choose duplicate slide. Once that’s done click and drag it to the very end and bingo you now have an ending slide that mashes the bookends the first slide. I’m gonna get rid of my extra slides here that we use for a demos so that we now have our required first slide which is these pitch the second slide the closed and now our final excess slide that will show up on the screen when we’ve reached the conclusion. 

Version and gives you an opportunity to see if there are any questions on this on the screen. There you go Take those three steps and you can increase the effectiveness of all your presentations. In fact, you might even consider adding it to all your future presentations by automating the process. 

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And if you want to become a true PowerPoint power user you. Consider taking our masterclass is a six-part series that takes you from the beginning to going right up on stage and you can then the successful going forward and tell them power up.