Deep Dive: Advanced SmartArt in Word: A Deep Dive Tutorial

About this lesson

This training video, presented by Les McCarter from PowerUp Training, dives deep into Word’s SmartArt tool and illustrates how to create visually compelling presentations. It covers a range of topics, from inserting SmartArt and managing individual objects to customizing text, color, and layout. The video emphasizes the importance of experimenting with different layouts and colors to find the perfect match for your presentation needs.

Les explains advanced SmartArt features, including how to convert existing text into SmartArt, manage text within SmartArt objects, and change layouts midstream to suit various presentation scenarios. It highlights the use of color palettes and style galleries to maintain a consistent design throughout your slides, while also allowing for specific customization of individual elements.

Additionally,  Les explores the animation capabilities of SmartArt, showing how to bring elements to life in your slideshows. He demonstrates how to apply and customize animations to SmartArt objects, making each element appear in sequence or all at once.

NOTE: SmartArt works the same in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Much of the video demonstrations are shown in PowerPoint because of the larger workspace makes it easier to watch but EVERY STEP WILL WORK THE SAME in Microsoft Word.


01:28 Required Knowledge
02:10 Tutorial Agenda
02:30 The Two SmartArt Menu
02:54 Two Ways to Insert SmartArt
03:35 Convert Text to SmartArt
03:55 Two Methods to Add Text
04:35 Adding Bullet Items
05:09 Changing Existing Layouts
05:45 Seeing More Layouts Command
06:40 Text Limitations
06:56 Tip: Experiment
07:33 Colors in SmartArt
07:46 Two Color Palettes
09:11 Picture Layouts
09:48 Recolor Pictures
10:17 Gallery Styles
11:08 Managing Individual Objects
12:15 Adding Org Chart Assistant
12:47 Changing layout direction
13:43 Change Object Shape and Size
15:20 Copy Characteristics with Format Painter


Subject Microsoft Word

Software Compatibility From Office 2013 to latest Office 365, including Windows and Mac. Works well for PowerPoint, Excel and MS Word.


Course Completed

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