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This training video from Power Up Training, hosted by Les McCarter, focuses on utilizing Word’s SmartArt tool to enhance presentations with graphical representations. The tutorial is designed for both Windows and macOS users and covers Word versions from 2013 to the latest Office 365. The video walks viewers through creating various SmartArt layouts, demonstrating how to insert, edit, and style these elements to communicate ideas effectively.

The tutorial begins by explaining the basics of inserting SmartArt and selecting from over 200 available layouts. Les then guides users through creating and customizing a matrix layout, showing how to edit text, resize elements, and apply different color schemes and styles. The video also emphasizes the importance of experimenting with different layouts to find the best fit for specific presentation needs, such as list, process, and organizational chart layouts.

In addition to the introductory lesson, the video hints at more advanced tutorials that delve deeper into SmartArt capabilities. Les encourages viewers to explore further by watching subsequent parts of the series and visiting the Power Up Training website for additional free resources. The tutorial aims to empower users to create professional and visually appealing presentations with ease using Word’s SmartArt tool.

NOTE: During the demonstration portion, Les uses the PowerPoint tool instead of Word because PowerPoint is a bigger canvas to view the work; however, the steps are IDENTICAL between PowerPoint and Word.


01:51 Win & Mac Versions
02:04 SmartArt Concepts
03:01 Creating 1st SmartArt
04:00 Four Components of SmartArt
07:19 Adding Layers with Indents
07:32 Change Layout
10:06 Changing Color Scheme
10:22 Changing 3-D Style
10:48 Building an Org Chart
10:53 Changing Individual Objects
12:07 Building Org Chart from Scratch
13:10 Add Assistant to Org Chart


Subject Microsoft Word

Software Compatibility From Office 2013 to latest Office 365, including Windows and Mac. Works well for PowerPoint, Excel and MS Word.


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