Power Tips: Size & Resize PowerPoint Bullet and Number Lists

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My Bullet and Numbers look off. What is Wrong?

Resize PowerPoint BULLET and NUMBER size when they are wrong. This is typical when you apply a design template that breaks bullet and number sizing. We can demo a quick fix when you know where to look.

Our Power Tip Training can show you how to fix bullets & numbers once and as a bonus, for all slides by teaching the change PLUS the use of Master Slides to make it happen everywhere.

Power UP! Training shows you how to fix those pesky bullet and number lists sizing issues in no time flat!

All in under 5 minutes.


Contents with timestamps in the video:

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Hands-On: 0:37
  • Why does the resizing of bullets and number break?: 0:46
  • The EASY Resize Fix: 1:20
  • Extra steps to make it STICK: Reset Slides to Fix Layout: 3:15


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All versions of PowerPoint 2013 to Office 360

Level Tips

Course Completed Complete

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Rough Video Training Transcript for “Size & Resize PowerPoint Bullet and Number Lists”

Welcome to another Power Tip from Power UP Training.

Here’s your issue: the size of your bullets are too small or too big or the numbers just don’t seem to match this often happens when you apply a new design template

Look at the example before you’ll see here that our little numbers aren’t quite the same font size as the text this can be fixed quite easily once, you know, the power tip let’s go take a look. 

Let’s get going on our Power Tip quick video on resizing bullets and numbers.

This particular problem does not show up on all presentations is tied to the concept of design templates different design templates have different rules for the configuration take a look at this particular one which is called ion boardroom, yes the numbers look small compared to the actual line text if I look at this particular design everything looks just fine so we need to do is realize that design templates may change the way that. 

Our sizing ever pull us a numbering look let’s go ahead and say we like this design ten look but we want to fix the bullet memory, so here’s we’re going to do it’s important to recognize that like everything in PowerPoint the first thing you need to do is make sure that you highlight what you’re trying to change in this case here will highlight not all four lines, but just the first three so we can compare before and after then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to home we’re then going to go in our case here to the drop-down list and this phase is both a numbering and we’ll choose below numbering and bingo. 

Here’s where the controls lie is in the size in our situation. I want to exaggerate from the 80% which is 80% the size and the existing font text it’s a little overboard to do 175 but we can see it bingo the first three line items are big dig now we need to go through and do this slide by slide line by line no no no, there’s a much better way to do this and that is something called slide masters. 

Look for our additional deep dive into mastering slide masters but basically what this means that if we go into view and then we choose slide master any changes we make here is gonna ripple through the whole presentation so if I highlight all five levels and then I go into repeat what we did just moments ago, we’re gonna go into home or do the drop-down list for the bullets notice that we can do bulletin numbering and change it across the whole presentation. 

I’m gonna go from the 80% which was standard with this particular design template to 110 we’ll click on okay and that look. S pretty good let’s see how it looks when we apply it to the rest of our presentation we’ll go to slide master we’ll choose close live view and bingo everything looks great on this particular page beside seems appropriate if I go to this page no, no so I’m wrong oh I know why we did this in a previous slide let’s reset this back to match the slide master so right click reset slide and now it looks fine and actually if we look at our numbers the numbers look great too, although there are issues with the line spacing in the Nation but sure enough we’ve got other quick shapes for those look for those videos with that you now know how to fix the problem with the resizing bullets and numbering fixing bullet sizes are easy if you know where to look if you need other power tips from Power Up training, please subscribe to our channel subscriptions help greatly and if you like this video like it because likes encourages me to make more training videos for you. 

Lastly, if you haven’t already, take a look for our master class that will explain to you how to create PowerPoint from beginning all the way to standing up on stage in two and a half hours you can become a PowerPoint power user until then power up.