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PowerPoint Commands Can Look Confusing

All of the power of PowerPoint is controlled by the Ribbon menu tool. If you can master the Ribbon, you can control PowerPoint.

How To Take Control of the PowerPoint Ribbon menu (And All Office Programs)

A tutorial on using the Powerpoint Ribbon menu bar. Covering: Ribbon Tabs, Contextual Menu Tabs, In-Ribbon Galleries Dialog Box Launcher.

This training session is taught using PowerPoint Office 365 but it is applicable to all versions from Office 2013 and above.

As a bonus, these techniques also apply to Word and Excel.

Part of the Power UP! Training Jump Start Series that covers the most important items on fundamental skills needed to run PowerPoint.



Below are the topics categories in the video, with the chapter start location:

Intro: 00:00

Introducing The PowerPoint Ribbon Menu: 0:34

What to do if the Ribbon is Not Showing: 0:53

Tour of the Tool Tabs: 1:07

Action Icons gathered in GROUPS: 1:54

What is the In-Ribbon Gallery: 2:29

How to see ALL THE COMMANDS: the Dialog Box Launcher: 2:54

Where are the missing menus and why do they sometimes show up: Contextual Tab Menus: 3:24

Wrap-Up 4:51


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All versions of PowerPoint from PowerPoint 2013 up to latest Office 365


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“How to use PowerPoint Ribbon Menu” Transcript from Video

Part of the Power UP Training Jump Start Series to better understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Office.


Hi, this is Les McCarter from Power Up Training where my decades of experience becomes your expertise for free.

In this All About the Office Ribbon menu, we will cover the following components. While we will be working in the latest Office 365, the concepts are true going back to Office 2013.

So let’s power-up.


All of the Office programs use a similar menuing system (except for Microsoft outlook, which is its own beast).
You can run EVERYTHING about PowerPoint from the Office TABBED RIBBON. that is at the top of your screen

IF it is not showing, then look in the top right corner of PowerPOint for the small Up Arrow in a BOX, CLICK and select SHOW TABS AND COMMANDS.

Within the RIBBON MENU are the specific TOOL TABS. Each tab is a collection of related commands shown as icons. Click on different TABS for different action icons.


As I explained earlier, each tab menu groups similar action icons together with the most commonly used TAB MENUs located on the left. The HOME tab has the most common commands grouped together.

These collections change as you select the tab.

So the TAB menus bring together related action icons, they are further grouped together in the concept called, not surprisingly, GROUPS. See the FONT group with all the related font enhancements in one location to work from.

There is one TAB MENU that works differently. The FILE tab menu. Instead of showing individual action icons, it shows an integrated set of commands and location screens for saving, renaming and opening files.

Just as there are special tabs, there are also special group styles inside of the tab menus. One type is called the In-Ribbon Gallery that shows up on several menus. They are not technically action icons but instead a gallery of design choices that make it easy to preview different looks. These will be found in the DESIGN, Transition, and Animation TABE menus


Microsoft does a great job of exposing the most common action icon commands via the RIBBON MENU system, but there are more advanced commands tht don’t fit on the ribbon.

To get access to these commands, you need to locate the appropriate related group
The click the down arrow DIALOG BOX Launcher to expand out the additional commands.
Here is an example of the expanding out the FONT group to see more formatting choices.

For my more eagle-eyed viewers, you may have seen some mysterious menus come and go. These are the specialized CONTEXURAL TAB menus. They show up only when you select a specific type of element on your slide. Such as the GRAPH menus . . . and this is great, why distract you with a GRAPH menu if you are not working on graphs in your powerpower point presentation.

Instead, click the item and the related contextual menu pops up.

Let me demonstrate how different contextural menus pop up with new command icons based on the object.

Let’s start with a click on the phone and see the PICTURE FORMAT MENU appear.


With that, we have just covered all you need to know about the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.

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