Trick: MOTION TITLE ANIMATION with PowerPoint Morph Transition!

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In this tutorial by Les from Power Up Training, viewers learn how to use PowerPoint’s Morph transition tool to create a dynamic sliding opening slide. Inspired by a Reddit entry, Les aims to provide a quicker alternative to the more complex motion animation tutorials often found on YouTube. The video demonstrates how to build a seven-slide presentation in just eight minutes, primarily focusing on achieving perfect alignment for a smooth animation effect.

The tutorial starts with a simple demonstration of creating a sliding wave effect using the Morph transition tool. Les explains the process step-by-step, showing how to position an offstage rectangle that moves across the slides, creating the appearance of a continuous motion. This method leverages PowerPoint’s Morph transition to seamlessly move elements across slides, simplifying the animation process compared to traditional motion animation techniques.

In the second part of the tutorial, Les further explores the capabilities of the Morph tool by creating a sliding window effect that reveals text. By duplicating slides and adjusting the position of the rectangle, viewers can see how text is hidden and then revealed through smooth transitions. Les also highlights the use of automated slide transitions and the faster fade transition for non-moving slides, showcasing how these techniques can be combined to create polished, professional animations quickly.



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Hi, this is Les from Power Up Training. And this short tutorial was inspired by a Reddit entry about how to use animation motion to create a sliding opening slide. I see lots of involved tutorials on YouTube about building a single slide using motion animation, which is totally fine and has some deep controls. But for people that don’t have the time, and do have PowerPoint 2019, or Office 365 on Windows or Mac OS, this is faster. I put together this presentation in about eight minutes. And mostly working with just getting the alignment just right, but let’s take a look at it. Of course I need to use my promo Power Up Training title slide, let’s move on to a blank slide that separates us from the first opening blue title slide. Once I do my first click, the automation kicks in. And the Morph transition tools gives us a yellow wave wiping down and out of our slide. Next through automation. The first lighting rectangle moves in from the right pauses where the text is populated, and then zooms off to the left revealing our title. This slideshow sequence was built with seven Slides and the Morph transition tools. Let me double click on a slide to get into the normal view and see that the first title blue slide that look just blue in the show, but it does have an offstage orange rectangle just waiting. I use the Morph transition for the second slide. And I’ve now moved the rectangle into the middle. But Morph will do the magic and make it appear to be sliding through the slide and continue with the third slide. But making the orange rectangle Now offstage to the bottom right. If you have not worked with Morph, do look at this tutorial. Under the transition Ribbon Menu here is the Morph effect. And as a bonus, I’ve automated the flow through this live with the advanced slide where I’ve turned off the mouse click and set a super fast zero second after to make the wave go through. Let’s see the three Slides in a show. Slide One with the orange rectangle waiting, slide two with the Morph orange sliding down and slide three with it sliding down and out. Now let’s go to part two, we’re going to get the sliding window to reveal the Slides text title. First slide has an empty blue, but the waiting orange rectangle on the wait. Slide two has the orange box cover where the words will be and slide three looks the same, but is not as I’ve added the words underneath. Let’s see this I just duplicated that slide. And now I’m going to move the orange rectangle up in a way and it reveals the text below. So I’m going to go back and delete this duplicated slide so we can keep the slide with the text covered up. For the fourth and final slide this sequence I have the orange box move to the left off the stage to reveal the slide title text. For this for slide sequence. I am using the Morph transition for all but the third slide which has the hiding text where I’m going to use the much faster fade transition as there’s no movement on this slide. And all the Slides will be automated by turning off the on mouse click and having a short after setting. Let’s print the slideshow sequence for just these four Slides. Slide One is the empty blue. Slide two is the lighting orange box. Quick number three has the tech stage behind the box. And slide number four slides the box off to reveal our text slide title. And just for fun, and to see how easy slide morph is compared to motion animation. I’ll create one more slide by way of duplication, which is the key morph trick and then I’m going to move the two titles off in different directions for them to slide off at the end of our presentation. Let’s preview just these changes by starting on the second to the last slide and watching the titles slip off the stage. As you can see, that took just seconds to create versus motion animation that would have taken much much longer. And now one more run through our multiple morph action animation without using slide object animation. Want more? Subscribe to our channel and look for these more in depth tutorials from Power Up Training. Thanks for watching.