Tip: Make a PowerPoint Pie Chart in 4 Minutes - for Windows

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Go from nothing to an elegant PowerPoint Pie Chart in about 4 minutes! This Windows tutorial will get you started no matter what skills you possess.

This is only for Windows users; look for the matching tutorial for Apple Mac users.

We will show you how to make a Pie chart in around 4 minutes in PowerPoint.


This tutorial by Les from Power Up Training teaches viewers how to create a pie chart quickly and easily using PowerPoint for Windows.

There are two methods to create a chart, either through the insert ribbon menu or by finding the small chart icon in the slide placeholder. Both techniques result in a sample chart with a pop-up data entry screen that looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Viewers can replace the data inside and format the chart using various options such as Quick Layout, which offers visual cues of different combinations. PowerPoint also allows users to change colors and fonts, which are dependent on the slide design theme. To change the chart title, users can simply click on the title box and add their own text or delete the title box completely.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of putting the title into cell B2 and the description labels in column A. Users should then enter the numbers in column B, and the order in which they enter the data does not matter. If there are errors in the data, users can select the chart and click the edit data action icon to make changes. The tutorial recommends that users choose twice to fine-tune their selection and select the design that works for them.

This tutorial is designed for PowerPoint versions starting with Office 2013 up to Office 365 for Windows. It offers an excellent starting point for creating pie charts and other visualizations for presentations quickly and efficiently. Users can also check out the advanced pie chart tutorial or explore other video tutorials for further tips and techniques.


0:45 Start with 2 Methods to Add a Pie Chart
1:16 Adding or Replacing Data
2:14 Fixing Spelling and Data Mistakes
3:00 Enhancing Pie Chart with Magic
4:03 Changing Chart Color
4:32 Chart Title: Keep or Drop?
4:52 Finished the Project


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility Windows Only


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Let’s create an amazing pie chart in under four minutes. Hi, this is Les from Power Up Training, where I share my decades of corporate experience with you for free. This tutorial is designed for PowerPoint versions, starting with Office 2013, all the way up to the latest Office 365. But only for Windows. The Mac version works differently. So we have a dedicated tutorial just for the Mac OS PowerPoint, see the link above. And do stay tuned to the end for the advanced pie chart tutorial. When I say go, you’re gonna learn how to build this pie chart from nothing to success in under four minutes. So Let’s power up and go. Starting on a blank slide, there are two ways to get a chart. For the first technique, go to the insert Ribbon Menu, click the Chart action icon, select pie. And okay. Click and done. Let me delete it and show the second method in the slide placeholder find the small chart icon and click. Both techniques give you the same results. A sample chart with a pop up data entry screen, which looks like a baby Excel spreadsheet. You could replace the data inside; but let me erase it so that you can see all the choices. It’s important to put the title into cell B2, and the description labels in column A. Then to follow up and put the numbers in column B. For the labels and numbers, the order you type in the data sheet does not matter. But see that as I typed the numbers, the table starts to build out. You have lots of data, you may need to stretch the table out by grabbing the corner of the mini Excel spreadsheet and stretching. When done, click the top right x and the data Excel sheet closes down. Don’t worry, all your data is saved in the PowerPoint slide file. But when I proof read my work, I see that I had two problems. I misspelled the word car with two R’s, and our entertainment category is missing. So with the chart selected, I click Chart Design Menu and then edit data action icon. Watch the table and the chart as I grab the edge of the shaded area to expand out the selection to include entertainment and the graphic pie chart automatically updates. Plus, when I fix my spelling error, the legend also updates. And there’s our pie chart created in two minutes, but it’s not beautiful yet. Make sure the chart is selected and click Chart design. There, use the drop down expander diagonal arrow and hover your mouse over the various designs. Some designs have new coloring or backgrounds. Some include the pie slice percentage, others move the legends around or puts the slice descriptions next to the color slices. Find the look you like and choose it. I’m selecting the one with both the percentages and the label descriptors. I don’t like all that blue. But I do like the labels. Now, some magic happens. Look very, very closely. When I go back to the design choices, they have subtly changed. And now all the chart have the legends and the percentages. With each suggestion. A key point: Always choose twice to fine tune your selection. But there’s even more under change colors. PowerPoint offers up a collection of color coordinated themes. Once again, hover your mouse over the choices until you find what you like. Click but here’s a tip and a warning. These color choices are dependent on the overall slide design theme. Change the theme and the chart colors will follow in lockstep. Lastly, the chart title. To change it. Just click once and click again to get the flashy insert i-beam cursor to add in your own text or if you choose delete the title box completely and the chart resizes then put the title on the slide itself not on the pie chart.

So there from zero to great it under four minutes. Next up is our advanced pie chart tutorial, or check out that 27 different chart video to learn how to go beyond the pie chart. Until next time, Go Power Up!