Tip: Export PowerPoint as PDF File

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Learn how to save and export PowerPoint as a shareable PDF document plus how to change the layout and select specific pages to exclude and include. Two bonus tricks to reduce file sizes to fit your PowerPoint Presentation inside of an email.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:34 Hands-On Demo
  • 01:55 Change PDF Layout
  • 03:25 More PDF Save Options
  • 03:54 Choose Which Pages to Save
  • 04:41 Reduce Size for Email
  • 05:20 Tip Reduce Photo Size
  • 06:09 Missing PDF Features
  • 06:34 Wrap-Up


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[Music]  Hey  this is Les from Power Up Training.

Today’s question is  how do you save a presentation as a pdf  file  we’ll do a quick run-through of how to  do a simple  save and then we go into some more  complex choices  including different types of layouts and  how to reduce the file  to fit into your email if you want to  jump to a specific section  go ahead and take a look at our chapters  down below  otherwise let’s go power up  with the powerpoint presentation open go  to file on the ribbon menu  and choose save a copy note if you’re  using an  older powerpoint 2013 you need to choose  save as and select a folder  everything else in this tutorial will be  exactly the same  then click the down arrow next to the  file type  and extension the default is powerpoint  presentation  choose the file type pdf  by default powerpoint will use the same  file name  but with a different extension of dot  pdf so your original presentation file  is not hard in this tutorial i will be  saving multiple versions  so i’ll give this a file name but you  could just click on save  let me go to my file system double click  on the file  which will then open up the pdf document  in my default pdf viewer  which for me is nitro pro but you may  have other software to view your pdfs  my pdf viewer tool lets me show a grid  of  each page as powerpoint turned each  slide into a page  which i’m scrolling through one slide  one pdf page  so if we want to display more slides  per pdf page we need to go to the  options dialog box  do the same steps but before you save  you need to select more options  and then options again so i’ll go to the  file menu on the ribbon  i’ll select save a copy i’ll change the  file name for our tutorial purposes  and this time i will select more options  which is a small and out of the way  dialog choice  and then again i need to select options  a second time yes  you have two clicks to get to this  option menu  okay remember our goal was to have more  slides per pdf page  but you can’t do it by default the  slides per page chooser is grayed out  the fix is to change what we’re  publishing from slides  to handout now we can choose the number  of slides per page  look at the extra tiny thumbnail  representation on the side  change when i change the count per page  plus there’s a subtle option order  to have the number slides go left to  right or top to down  with the options of horizontal or  vertical when done  click on ok and save  i will switch to my pdf viewer and we  can now see  one two three four five six slides  per each pdf page this was not a long  presentation so there’s only now  two pdf pages with six slides per page  let’s go back to look at several more  key option choices  under publish what we’ve already seen  the two choices of slides  with one slide per page and handouts  with multiple slides per page  you can also choose to have your speaker  notes pages turned into pdfs  and also the outline both choices are  not as  useful unless you need to share them to  someone who does not  own powerpoint the only other important  item  is the range selection by default  powerpoint saves  every slide into a single pdf file  but you may only want one page or just  several pages  so the choices beyond all is current  slide  which is the slide that you have  selected before you started the  save process or the selection if you  have multiple slides selected  in say the slice order view and lastly  full  control is the selected slides that  chooses the first  and the last slide you want to include  and if none of those choices work for  you the trick is to save a duplicate  presentation file  and delete out the slide you don’t want  in the duplicated presentation before  saving as a pdf  one great reason to use save as pdf is  to reduce the file size  if your powerpoint has lots of images  including photos  then the file save size of the native  presentation  can balloon to gigantic sizes that  exceed your email attachment limits  a great solution is to save the file as  a pdf  which may reduce the file size by up to  a whopping 90 percent  another tip is that when saving the pdf  you can get a much  smaller size reduction by using the  minimum size choice  when saving the pdf but it’s just  slightly smaller  but here is a bonus trick if you’re  using photos  you’re going to want to use the  powerpoint’s native ability  to reduce and compress photos which are  typically the real issue with bloated  powerpoint files  by selecting one the photo selecting  picture format menu on the ribbon  use compressed pictures make sure to  turn  off apply only to this picture so that  it will apply the same setting to all  photos in the presentation  five select a smaller size  i find the web choice is a great  compromise  that does not degrade the photo quality  noticeably  and it is still too big go back and  choose email  finally save it as a pdf  so powerpoint can save your presentation  as a pdf  but there are many things it cannot do  such as encryption  adding layers and bookmarks and even  doing redirect actions to be able to  take  pieces out of your presentation when  saving as a pdf  for those you’re going to need a  full-blown tool as listed down below  and some simple things could be used in  word  with that you’ve now seen how to save  your presentations  as a pdf if this was helpful do  subscribe to our channel  subscriptions make a great deal of  importance to me  to create more presentations for you if  you liked it  go ahead and share it and like the video  itself  leave comments below and if you got  ideas for other training videos  leave them there also and if you want to  learn  everything about powerpoint visit us at  our website  of power dash up dot training where  you’ll find free videos on all aspects  of powerpoint  until the next time go power up  you