Power Tip: Change Colors on PowerPoint Bullet & Number Lists: Tutorial

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My Bullet Colors Do Not Match!  Same for my Number List!  What is Wrong?

It is frustrating to highlight the whole text line, change the color or font style, but the bullet lists don’t follow the change.

It is a simple trick to fix PowerPoint bullet & number lists colors and size when they don’t match. As long as you know where to look. In this quick tutorial, we will show you how. Plus a BONUS of using Master Slides to fix it everywhere!

Fix PowerPoint BULLET and NUMBER color when they do not match the text color. This is typical when you apply a design template and we can demo a quick fix, when you know where to look.

Our Power Tip Training can show you how to fix bullets & numbers once and as a bonus, for all slides by teaching the change PLUS the use of Master Slides to make it happen everywhere.

Power UP! Training shows you how to fix those pesky bullet and number lists color issues in no time flat!


Training Contents, with video timestamps:

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Hands-On 0:32
  • Why it Breaks 0:45
  • How to Fix PowerPoint Bullet Colors 1:21
  • Fix it EVERYWHERE with Master Slides 2:20
  • Wrap Up 4:02


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility PowerPoint 2013 up to current Office 365

Level Tips

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Video Class Transcript from “Change Colors on PowerPoint Bullet & Number Lists: Tutorial”


Here’s the issue. The color of my bullets doesn’t match the text color. Or the color of my numbers doesn’t match either. 

How do I fix this? 

Take a look at this example here and you’re going to see that the red bullets don’t match the black text and it’s not an easy fix until you know the secret. 

So let’s use this power tip and power up. 

Here we go with another power tip quick learning video. This time recoloring bullets and numbers we’re gonna find that often when we look at a plain presentation, everything looks just brand with their bullets and our numbering matching color-wise with our line items. But if we go into design menu and make a change there a lines and the numbering or both no longer match and you can see this varies from design to design. 

So is the design that changes those items on us? Well, let’s go see if we can fix that. I’m gonna choose at very specific line this case. Line number two we’ll highlight it and we’ll choose a wild color just let me see the difference. I’m gonna go there change it to red and that didn’t fix our bullets or numbering that is still green. 

Well how we’re gonna do this the trick here is to go back into our home menu on your home or to drop down list for either bulletin numbers in this case this number. We’re gonna choose a bullet number list and in here we’re gonna find the magical chain dialog box under color. 

Let’s go here and change it to match the line item, hopefully then okay our number. Ing and our fonts match Okay let’s do it again and get the whole set of line items to master same colors. I’ll go in there we’ll choose a little numbering and then now go in there and choose a color. 

We’ll choose black and get everything to go from green to black and now the lumbering and the light on is match except for the one red line that we change ourselves. So, here’s how we do it we go line my line by line and do it. Whoa, no, no, no, no, no, no, we’re not gonna do a line my line or slide by slide. 

There is a much better way to do this. And the trick. To this is something called Master Slides We do have a deeper dive into this specific topic look for the video link up in the top to be able to go to that but for the time being we’re gonna go to view we’re gonna go into something called the slide master within there the concept is once you make changes here, it will flow through the hole presentation. 

So we’re gonna select all five lines. We’re gonna go into home and follow our same techniques to go to our bullet point and fonts. Let’s change the fonts, so they all look the same here. They’re all red, but the bullets are. Now still green is not Christmas so let’s go in there and change those by doing our bullet drop-down list. 

We’re gonna choose the color and choose the same matching color and now our fonts and our bullet points match. Now the magic is gonna take place when we close this out because it’s gonna flow through the presentation. We’re gonna slide master we’ll choose close view master and from here, we’re gonna see that on our slides everything matches just the way we want well, wait a minute, wait a minute. 

This is not quite right? Oh, I remember the, This is the slide that we changed my hand so we need to go back in there and choose recent slide for to go and follow the settings from our slide master and now we’re good to go this is pretty slick and you now know how to take care of your bullet and numbering coloring problems. 

And as a bonus watch what happens when we highlight these line items and switch them from bullets to numbering on this highlight them we’ll go up and change it to numbering and we’ll see that now we have a number list with the exact same colors for the fonts and for the numbers this is super. 

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And lastly if you want to become a power user in PowerPoint take a look for our six-part masterclass that will take you from the very beginning of creating the presentation all the way to standing up onstage and delivering a blockbuster presentation until then power up.