Tip: Two Tricks to Change Capitalization

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Learn the two PowerPoint tools to change capitalization to Upper, Lower, Proper, and Sentence caps. Plus stylized SMALL CAPS. Hidden inside of PowerPoint are two powerful tools that let you enforce one style or fix badly typed capitalization choices. This quick tip can save you tons of retyping.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 Font Style Tool
  • 01:07 Fix to ALL CAPS
  • 01:51 Fix to SMALL CAPS
  • 02:22 Transform CHANGE CASE
  • 02:33 Transform to all LOWERCASE
  • 03:13 Transform to all UPPERCASE
  • 03:21 Transform to all CAPITALIZE EACH WORD
  • 03:32 Transform to all tOOGLE cASE
  • 03:40 Transform to all sENTENCE CASE
  • 03:52 Wrap-Up


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All Versions


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welcome to all about capitalization in powerpoint this is Les McCarter from Power Up Training where i bring my decades of experience to you for free in this specific session we’re going to cover about two tools that’s going to let you manage the capitalization within your powerpoint presentation the first tool is your font style that will let you enforce capitalization or small caps on all the text highlighted the second tool is a pretty cool one in that it’s going to let you transform existing text to a variety of choices these tools are going to work with every version of powerpoint starting with powerpoint 2013 all the way up to the most recent version of office 365 for both the mac and for the pc so let’s go power up on all about capitalization in powerpoint the first of the two techniques is the font formatting strategy once applied the font effect stays until you reformat it start by selecting the text now that i am selecting the all caps word but obviously they are not all caps until we apply the change now to execute the formatting you can either go to the home menu and select the drop down expand menu or you can right click with your mouse on the selected text no matter what you then select all caps and when you click on ok the word turns into a visual all caps see how i’m typing the word lower and my keyboard is in lower case but it displays lower if i turn off the formatting then it will revert back to the capitalization i had while i was typing the words now let’s look at one of my favorite stylistic choices small caps this effect will make all the letters follow the formatting style of the font family selected however it will make the smaller letters shorter but still caps i like how this can bring a subtle emphasis to titles in my powerpoint slides and now as i type the letter u is being capitalized on my keyboard and the rest of the word is lowercase it’s a nice touch the second technique will actually change the capitalization of the letters it is not a formatting command but instead an action command that will transform the highlighted text into various combinations once again we’ll highlight the text but this time there is only one menu action item no right mouse click the icon looks the same on all versions of powerpoint since 2013 all the way up to the latest office 365 versions for the pc and the mac keep an eye on the red paragraph with the three sentences i’ll come back to the first choice of sentence case and now watch as everything gets transformed into lowercase when selected specifically it was the first letter of each sentence this is not a formatting change but powerpoint goes in and actually changes the capitalization to lowercase it’s an action command click and done now when i highlight uppercase all the highlighted text gets transformed into uppercase next capitalize each word does just that which is great for powerpoint titles or even bullet points if that is your preferred slideshow formatting style preference last on the list is toggle case turning all existing uppercase to lowercase and all lowercase to uppercase and back to the top with sentence case which capitalizes the first letter of the first word in each sentence based on a period being the sentence end there you go now you have two new tools in your powerpoint toolbox if you liked it give me thumbs up share it with your co-workers and your friends also subscribe to powerup.training here on youtube subscriptions encourages me to make more free training for you and if you want to see our complete catalogs of free powerpoint courses visit us at our website of power dash up dot training until next time go power up you