Deep Dive: PowerPoint Animation All You Need to Know + More!

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Learn all you need to know about PowerPoint animation. This in-depth tutorial will make you a pro user to help bring life to your slide shows. Covers from start to advanced finish, taking control of multiple levels of animation and solving common problems.

Solve issues with adding versus replacing animation, bullet point sequencing issues, Animation Painter not working the way you expect on bullet points.


  1. 00:00 Intro
  2. 00:27 PowerPoint Versions Used
  3. 00:36 For Mac Users
  4. 00:46 A Quick Tour Project
  5. 02:15 Speed Animation Project
  6. 03:20 Animating Bullet Text
  7. 04:00 Compare Text Placeholder vs Text
  8. 04:42 Remove and Reset to NO ANIMATION
  9. 05:14 Precise Control of Bullets One a time or All At Once
  10. 05:21 Effect Options
  11. 06:13 Paragraph at a Time
  12. 06:40 Different Effect Option based on Animation
  13. 08:20 Adding Additional Actions vs Replace
  14. 09:27 Adding Entrance and then Exit Animation
  15. 11:24 The Animation Pane
  16. 12:00 Changing Animation Order
  17. 13:06 Adding Trigger Automation
  18. 14:08 Pro Tip: Indicator of Animated Slides
  19. 14:30 Full Control of the Animation
  20. 14:52 Animation Timing: When and Duration
  21. 16:29 Copying Animation with Animation Painter
  22. 17:12 Issues with Animation Painter
  23. 18:55 Animating with Motion Path
  24. 19:53 Wrap-Up


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility Specific for WIndows. See other video for Apple MacOS


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hey this is les from power-up training and today you’ll learn about everything you need to know about animation in the next 20 minutes specifically i’m going to get you into some of the quick animation tricks we’ll learn about bullets and issues with bullets we’ll learn about how to control things affects the order and the timing and we’ll learn some pro tricks along the way so let’s dive in and power up with powerpoint animations here we go i’m working on the latest office 365 and windows but all that we cover will work going back to powerpoint 2013. for our mac users the concepts work similarly but not identical see our follow-up youtube video that will highlight what is slightly different onto the quick tour i’m going to highlight each bullet line and in the animation ribbon menu i’m going to select fly-in animation and we’ll see it preview as clicked and i’ll do it again for bullet line two highlight click fly in and see the preview we’ll focus on this more later but note that each animation is given an order number see the one and the two now let’s do the picture i’m going to click on the picture i’m going to now tell it to go ahead and zoom and spin and we’ll see that too now has one two and three now back to the text we’ll highlight bullets three and sub points one and two we’re going to go ahead and tell them to fly in and you’ll see the numbers added to these take a look and we see the preview that when we click on the preview it’s going to show it on the screen we can turn this off but it’s nice to be able to preview it just to see how you’re doing the preview is literally a preview and not interacting but if you want to see a slideshow we can go down to the very bottom here and you can see the slideshow screen and the advantage this is a quick way to jump in to see this slide only as opposed to starting from the beginning as we do the animation for this slide we see the title and bullet four are not animated but with each click bullet one bullet two and then our picture shows up with a click and then three with the two sub points show up click click click so that is basic animation but we can do better and faster let’s start with faster we go to the slide i want to work on i’ll click anywhere in this slide and then i’m going to use the keyboard shortcut of control a to select everything on this slide then i make sure i’m on the animation ribbon tab then i just click on an animation such as fade in and bingo we’re done do take notice that the title and the first bullet are the first item they’re tied together and bullet number four which is number four is tied with the chart title and let’s see this in action the first click shows both the title and the bullet line click two shows one line click three shows both the heading and the two sub points and click four brings up both the bullet line for and the chart and to confirm that you can see that bullet four and the chart title are both tied to the number four which is the click number four and the title and bullet line number one are tied together with the first click while that speed trick is slick let’s see how we can take tighter control and a better understanding about animating individual lines of text this case i’m going to select the full text box placeholder not individual lines you can see that i have it selected and now when i choose to animate you’re going to find that it actually animates every single items and it assigns an independent number so they’ll come up one by one by one although bullet point three is tied with the sub point in the slideshow with the click we see the first bullet i click the second bullet click three shows all three items and then number four click i want to compare and contrast the differences between selecting the whole text placeholder group with animating individual lines so let me undo all those actions for more see our youtube tutorial dedicated to undo and redo okay let’s go this time instead of selecting the whole text box i’m selecting each of the individual lines i’m going to choose fly in and oh my look instead of doing them one by one by one they are all tied to one action look one click and they are all coming in together not what we wanted before we fix this let’s take a side trip instead of undoing all the previous actions we can do a quick reset of the object animation by selecting the object and then choosing the none animation to reset it to no animation to complete our compare and contrast if you select the text directly then all the selected text will be animated as a single hole but if you select a text placeholder container then the individual lines will get animated one click at a time for the most part here’s a bit more detail more precise control of a placeholder collection of bullet lines can be found in the effect options which is grayed out here because we have no selected object animated so let’s go animate our collection of bullets placeholders by choosing grow and turn and you’ll see that they’ve all become animated and they’re numbered one through four and since they’ve now been animated the effect options is no longer grayed out and we do the drop down box we’re going to see that we have three choices at the moment it’s animating them by paragraph one paragraph at a time we could choose to tell us to do it as one single object and see how espana in as a single object or the third option is to choose all at once now they’re going to spin in independently but all at the same time you do have to watch closely look again as we do the drop down list and we’ll say as a single unit and then i’ll choose the last choice which is a paragraph at a time which means each bull item would come in with a click and a spin and in slideshow mode click click click and one more click we’ve used the effect options to control how bullet points appear but there’s even more capabilities with the effect options based on the type of animation that we have in effect with the flying effect we see more controls with the effect options let’s take a look the bottom three items of effect options are what we saw before with the sequencing of the as one object all at once or by paragraph but above we now have new choices because we’re flying in of choosing the direction that is flying in and it shows a variety of different ways that we could make the bullets come in from the top from the bottom from the left lots of choices and with these choice we get a demo of how it’s working so the effect options when flying is selected gives us full control but watch how the affection options icon literally changes when we choose a different type of animation and see the controls that we have there so with the split animation we can choose the direction that the split is happening inside out top side down lots of different choices there and if we then go ahead and select zoom animation we’ll see the icon changes again and inside the effects options once again we have different types of zooms either from inside where the bullet is center point or from the middle of the slide in addition to the green animation icons that are basically having the object appear on the screen we then have other types of animations such as the yellow ones that instead will keep the object there but to get them to pulse or change the color take a look and just a reminder some of the animations have no extra effects so you’ll only see the ability to control how the bullets are dropped in up to this point we’ve been replacing the current state with a new animation by clicking on the animation button of interest but we can also make it additive by adding additional actions on top of the current animation action so here i put my first layer by choosing fly-in that is our first action for our collection of bullets now i’m going to go over and choose add animation i’m going to choose to add in the entrance swivel animation which is going to add it on top of our existing one and when it’s finished we’re going to see that it added in four more steps to our individual bullets take a look closely the first four animations are the flyings for the bullet points one through four and then the second set of animations are the swivel doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but we see how it was applied listen for the eight clicks to see how they apply one by one by one all the way through the first set and then back to the swivels let’s do something a little more real world just so that you know when you do the drop down for the ad animation you see all the choices in the dialog box here it’s the exact same as you see when you do the single animation they are grouped into the entrances the emphasis and the exits let’s go ahead and add in a fade for our bullet points let me get rid of our chart just to make this cleaner and simpler to work with so we’ll choose fade again mostly oliver bullet points fading in and now we want to see about adding in a second set of animations to have each bullet point fade away so as not to distract our audience by choosing the add animation action icon we’re adding in a second animation this time we’ll choose exit and disappear and this time it should not come as a surprise that the four additional actions are added after the first four not quite the way we want it and sure enough we take a look at it we’re gonna find that we’re not achieving the effect that we wish all the bullet points made in one click at a time and then when we continue on it then it’s going to fade them out one at a time but not the order we want let’s fix this one method would be to highlight each bullet line and add in an animation such as fade and then re-highlight the same bullet line and select add animation and choose exit animation such as disappear and then repeat one bullet line at a time in this example i need to highlight the bullet lines eight times and then click four times for the fade in and four times for the disappear exit actually is four more times to do the drop down for add animation whoa it is a lot of work but it does work bullet point one shows up disappears will a two appear disappears and so forth note that we didn’t highlight or do anything with bullet four there we go but there’s a better way to do this and the better way includes the introduction of a new tool the animation pane one click and provide the list and timeline of all of our animations on the right side of the screen lots of information is being displayed here such as the order of the progressions what initiates the actions such as a click as indicated by the mouse note that sub point 1 and 2 have no mouse clicks they just come on when the parent bullet 3 appears and then the green icons for the appear actions and the red for the exit animations but this is an action tool not just a visual information tool we can click and drag the individual elements to reorder the animation order click and drag and it’s then reflected on the main slide canvas area so armed with our new tool let’s speed up the appear and disappear animation task first we’re going to reset the bullet list box to none animation and then with one click we can add in the fade in animation and you can see it in the animation pane you do need to click the expand group icon and then go back and add in the exit animation of disappear but the order is still wrong they all appear one by one and then they all disappear one by one so in the animation pane we can click and drag to reorder making the disappear follow each appear for the matching item this can be done with a click and drag or you can select the animation line and use the up and down arrow icons to move them up and down up to this point all of our added animations are kicked off with the mouse click anywhere on the screen during the slideshow but we can also make an animation happen on command with a trigger click here’s a partially started slide with all the bullet points already animated i’m going to click on the chart and select grow and turn animation and it becomes the fifth animation on our list but i want the chart to show up whenever i wish so we’re going to add a trigger with a chart object selected i’m going to go up and click trigger and choose on click and then select the item that will become the hotspot in this case the title of the slide and the animation pane gives us a summary of the action here let’s go try it out we’re in our slideshow i click will show up bullet one another click bullet to another click pull through wait i want to show up so i click on the title and my chart shows up now that’s how we can do controls of when objects show up on the screen time for a pro tip we’ve animated many of our slides but not all of them powerpoint will give us a visual indicator of what slides have animations and which ones do not on the far left next to the thumbnail preview when in normal view there’s a small flying star next to the slides that have animations applied now it’s time to take full control of the animation action on this next slide let’s animate everything by using our keyboard command of control plus a and then we’ll turn on the zoom for all the objects we now know how to change the order of the clip art appearance but we want to take complete control by changing the animation timing from on click to automate it with the command with previous and make it happen immediately with a delay of zero seconds let’s go ahead and watch the title shows up with bullet one click bullet two bullet three and immediately the clip art shows up so the clip arc showed as bullet 3 appeared with no click from us but what if we want to delay it for a moment letting the text show up and then waiting two seconds before the clip art appears so we select after previous and set the delay to two seconds so we launch the slideshow and sure enough the title will show up first then with a click we get bullet one another click bullet two another click pull at 3 0 1 0 2 and magically the clip art shows up without a click the last control to discuss is the duration this determines how long the animation uses to paint from start to end helping create smoother and possibly more dramatic entrances and exits but be careful don’t go overboard do take note that the animation pane lets us not only control the order but we can actually change both the duration and the delay with our mouse by clicking to drag it around or expanding out the green bar so you have an alternate way although i prefer the precision of typing in my entries so with what we’ve learned it’s obvious that we can create some very elaborate animation effects but there may be times that you want to replicate the settings more quickly than doing it by hand so let me add in a new fresh object and then we’re going to take our clipboard animation changes and apply it to the new objects with the introduction of the animation painter with my source object selected i need to be in the animation menu then i can go and find something called animation painter i’ll click on the ambulance and bingo it follows the exact same settings other than the order which i can now go in and adjust with my click and drag the animation painter is a fantastic tool when working on complex slideshows but there are also issues you must understand that it is object-based which means that working with text is not always ideal i’m going to go through and format the bullet points in the left text placeholder with the laborious process one by one of setting the entrance and then the exit and then repeating for all the additional bullet lines in the one text placeholder i’m speeding up the process in this tutorial but our goal is to see if we can copy the text placeholder from one side to the other side so we don’t have to repeat it with the box on the right done so now let’s use the animation painter and see if we can save ourselves a lot of work for the text box object on the right i’ll highlight try to highlight section oh no i can’t i can only click on the box and not an individual bullet so that means that the animation that i applied to bullet 1 on the left side is now applied to the whole text box on the right so the lesson here is that the animation pane is super but is applied to objects not to individual lines of text for the most part we’ve covered about 95 percent of everything you need to know about animation there are some other cutesy little tricks and some tighter controls such as the ability to go in there and see the effect option dialog box although most of those have been covered already in our tutorial i will have a future video for us to take a look at at some advanced techniques but for now let’s look at one last trick powerpoint lets us control how an item such as an object or a photo is able to move by creating something called an image path let’s try that with our object selected i’m going to go down and choose the turn motion path and you’re going to see as it shows on the screen a preview of how it’s going to move but what if we want to control it even more with the object selected there is a faint line with a green start point and a red in point what you do is you click on the red end point and you drag it to where you want the photo or the object to end up at the end of the animation do it slowly and wait it’s a little tricky click it drag and you should get it done and now let’s test it out in the full slideshow mode for this advanced topic preview we only animated the photo but you can see one click and bingo is moving there you go now you can bring animations to all of your powerpoint slideshows it was useful do like it and share it with your co-workers also if you have ideas leave comments down below furthermore subscribe subscriptions help me make more free training for you training such as our existing classes on animating smart art or how to bring animations to project slides if you want to learn all you need to know about powerpoint then come to our free powerpoint school at https power dash up dot training until next time go power up you