Tutorial: PowerPoint 365 Animation for the Apple Mac Tutorial

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An in-depth PowerPoint 365 Animation tutorial specifically for the Apple Mac. You will become a pro business animator bringing life to your slide shows. The tutorial covers from start to advanced finish, taking control of multiple levels of animation, and solving common problems.

Solve issues with adding versus replacing animation on the Mac, bullet point sequencing issues, Animation Painter not working the way you expect.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:57 PowerPoint Mac Version Used
  • 01:16 A Quick Tour Project
  • 02:19 The Preview Button
  • 03:10 Speed Animation Project
  • 04:06 Animating Bullet Text
  • 05:37 Animating Text One Line at a Time
  • 06:42 Effect Options & Sequencing
  • 07:30 Different Effect Option based on Animation
  • 09:10 Adding Additional Actions vs Replace
  • 10:06 Adding Entrance and then Exit Animation
  • 11:07 Changing Sequencing
  • 12:22 The Animation Pane
  • 12:52 Changing Animation Order
  • 14:01 Removing Animation
  • 14:20 Adding Trigger Automation
  • 15:48 Automation Timing: When and Duration
  • 18:42 Copying Animation with Animation Painter
  • 20:17 Issues with Animation Painter on Bullets
  • 21:26 Animating with Motion Path
  • 22:47 Wrap-Up


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility PowerPoint Mac


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[Music] welcome to powerpoint animation for the mac hi this is les from power up training where i bring my decades of experience to you for free in this particular tutorial we’re focusing on the animation aspect of powerpoint in most microsoft office tutorials you’re going to find that the windows and the mac programs work very very similar but not animation and powerpoint there are different types of commands so we’ve dedicated this tutorial just to the mac if you’re using windows look up above for the link to our windows version in this specific piece we’re going to cover a lot of things about quick animations about bullets about changing the synchronization order and managing the timing there’s lots to get going so let’s go dive in to animation on the mac powerpoint here we go i’m working in the latest office 365 desktop app for the mac operating system as i stated in the introduction the animation menu on the mac is different in a quirky way from the windows version so we’re going to do everything on the mac let’s start with a quick tour of animating the bullet lines for our slideshow i’m going to highlight each bullet line and in the animation ribbon menu i’m going to select several different types of entrance animations and we’re going to see them preview on the screen we’re going to do it one line or i should say one bullet at a time do take note that the animation choices are not available until we select an item to animate in this case as we say bullet line number one let’s try out the entrance blind animation and you can see once it’s selected we have a number one showing is our first animation next when i click on checkerboard we get a different effect and we have a number two that pops up what’s this one and two it’s an indicator of what animation will show up first and then second click by click by click look as we highlight bullet number three and now that shows that bullet three sub point one and sub point two are tied to the third animation which means they’re going to enter as a group and we can see this by looking at the preview button by default the auto preview is check mark which means it shows it as we create the animations but we can always go back and click on the preview button itself to see it on screen but the best way to experience it is to run a slideshow and not from the slideshow menu but on the bottom right hand corner you’re going to find a picture of a slideshow screen that will let you run slideshow from the specific slide that you’re on remember we didn’t animate bullet four but with a click i can bring it bullet one another click i bring up the second animation and the third click brings up the collection of bullet point three sub point one and sub point two so now you get the idea of what basic animation is all about but we can do it better and faster let’s start with faster so here’s a speed tour animation while on the slide i’m going to select everything by clicking inside the slide and then holding down command plus the letter a to select all three elements the title the text bullet placeholder and the photo and when i click the fly an entrance everything becomes animated just like that powerpoint did make some decisions for us it tied the first bullet and the title together with one animation and then bullet four and the chart as our last animation let’s see what i mean blank slide first click and we get the title and the bullet one together then another click and we get bullet two then bullet three and the sub points come in another click bullet four and the chart come in once again simultaneously because they’re tied together don’t worry we’re gonna learn how to fix this and change it to match whatever you want let’s go deeper and focus strictly on bullets there’s some quirky things happening when selecting bullets for animation in powerpoint both for windows and the mac if you select the bullet placeholder and you choose an animation it’s going to animate everything inside that placeholder as you see i have no word selected but instead clicked inside the placeholder as indicated by the white boundaries and then when i go up let’s take a look at some other animation choices by clicking the upside down arrow next to the green entrance animations for my boardroom professional presentation i don’t like to venture too far down because there’s some wild effects but so that we can emphasize what’s going on our tutorial i’m going to choose swivel and as the preview plays out for us i want to point out that each of these items have been given an independent click number as we’ll see on the screen one two three and with three those sub points are together and four this works because we selected the placeholder and not the individual lines which we’ll see in a few moments now let’s see the slideshow click bullet one swivel click bullet two click bullet three in the sub point and click for bullet four once again if i click the placeholder and choose an animation they all become animated with each the bullet points having an independent click but i want to show you what happens if we work with the bullet points one by one by one let me undo all those so we can start refresh oh yes we do have a training video on undo and redo look above for a link so to compare and contrast this time i’m not setting the placeholder i’m going to select all the individual bullet items text inside the placeholder and then when i click on swivel we’re going to find out that we get different results each line item is treated as a single unified click all are number ones they’re not ordered one through four as they were in the past so let’s undo that and let’s go back in and try that again so i’m going to click the placeholder not the individual bullet items and then i’m going to go in and choose a different entrance effect and this time i’m going to choose up here and sure enough they get numbered one through four as individual click items on our slideshow animation but we can control that by going to something called effect options and you can see that by default they’re showing up by paragraph which is bullet point by bullet point but we have controls to make it happen differently it is dead i choose as one object it transforms the four bullet point animations into a single click animation or if i go in all at once they are now all of them one by one by one still going with a single click simultaneously this animation of one by one by one by one at the same time is sometimes hard to see based off the animation selected however some animations actually spin or jump and you would see them work independently as opposed to a single object but for the subtle animation it’s difficult to see the effects option action icon actually does much much more depending on the animation that we choose some of them in this case here shows us only what we saw before of the sequence of how the object happened but watch how this changes when i choose a different type of animation this is the fly-in and we go in and take a look at the fly-in we’re going to see that the icon changed and we’ve got more choices beyond sequencing including the ability to change the direction of which the flying is coming in as i chose so a few you’ll see it flying in from the left and from other directions of our choosing and different animation choices will transform the effect option icon to different looks and different sets of controls take a look here this time i’m going to choose random bars and now instead of controlling which direction the animation is flying into we can choose the way that the animation of the random bars are going with either horizontal or vertical and if i choose split once again a new action icon look and the drop down is going to explain how we can control the splits in this case in many of the four different directions horizontal and vertical i’m showing a couple of other animation effects and the changing options in the effect options icon but it’s now time to move on to a new topic that is very specific to the macos version of powerpoint the quirky animation add versus replace let’s start with replace the first time i apply an animation on an object is important that i do not leave the selected object keep it selected and then with each new animation click i’m able to replace the current selection with a new animation effect so that i can try on different looks until i find one that i like but once i leave that object by clicking anywhere else and then come back by selecting the object that already has animation applied then we switch to additive mode meaning any new animation will be added on top or more accurately after the existing animation doubling them up this will become useful but it’s important you understand how powerpoint mac works with animation know this difference between replace and additive animation so how is additive animation useful what if we want a bullet point to show up and then add emphasis or later make it disappear after showing up in this example i added a pier and then i added an additional animation of zoom to re-emphasize the bullet line as i talk about them so i did add the appear to the placeholder clicked out and then clicked back in so i could add the zoom emphasis and at first look this should do it but wait look closely at the numbering for the bullets i go one through four for the appear animation and then it comes back again and does the 5 through 8 for the zoom this isn’t going to work watch i wanted to have bullet line 1 appear with a click and then emphasize but instead it’s showing all 4 bullet points with the appear and then it comes back with the emphasis this is not what i want to achieve so let’s try this again with a slide that has no animation my goal is to have the bullet items show up and then with the click disappear and do it in order of the bullet lines so my first of two strategies is the slow method i select a bullet point to animate to appear then click outside and then back in on the bullet line to add in the second animation action to disappear and then repeat for each bullet point line click add a peer animation click outside and then reselect the same bullet line and click disappear and repeat and in slideshow mode click and it appears bullet one click again it disappears once again click pull it to click again disappear then the group of bullet three appear disappear in bullet four bingo we got it done but it was a lot of work let’s see if we can speed this up with our second strategy and introducing a new tool let’s start with our additive animation solution we’ll click on the placeholder we’ll choose appear and it applies to all four bullet selections then we’re going to click out and click back in and this time i’m going to choose disappear and added those four animations but in the wrong order so let’s fix this on both the mac and on windows powerpoint has a tool called animation pane that lets us take complete control but they do look different and act slightly different between platforms let me expand the two content placeholders by clicking on the little bracket and we’ll see that we have the exit animation and the internet animation entrance are green x’s are red we have the order that they’re going to appear in one through four and then five through eight and now i can click and drag so that the x for bullet one follows the entrance of bullet one i’ll do the same thing by clicking on the bullet two dragging it up and thereby changing all the orders to make them work the way we want them to work we can also use the up and down arrow after selecting the item to move them around so drag and drop or click click click pay close attention as i make a mistake with sub point two as i click click click one times too many and now sub point two disappears before it appears it is invisible on our big screen but not as obvious so let’s go try this out so my mistake of sub point 2 does show up but watch this work click appear click disappear click appear click disappear so now we know how we can use the animation pane to take complete control of the sequencing so using the power of the animation pane is real simple first to change sub point two to have the entrance show up before the disappearance and so with a simple click and drag it’s fixed let’s take a quick look we’re now going to dig deeper to see that the animation pane can do lots more one nice trick is that in the past to be able to undo or to remove animation we will use the undo command but here we can select all of the items in the animation pane hit the red x and they’re gone we will return back to the animation pane in a few moments but i want to introduce the topic of another technique for creating animation and this is called the trigger what’s going to happen is that we’re going to choose an item that we want to appear on demand based off a click let’s do this in this slide i’m going to select everything by doing command a we’re then go up there and we’re going to animate the whole group i’ll do the drop down list for the entrance green animations i’ll choose fade in and once again take note how the title and line 1 bullet are tied together with the first and bullet four and chart title are tied as the number fourth animation to stay flexible in our presentation we want the chart to show up whenever we want it to show up so we’re going to select chart five and then we’re going to go up and choose something called trigger the trigger choice will let us choose an object on the slide in this case title 1 so when we’re in the slideshow we can click on title 1 and the chart will show up it also indicates this inner animation pane plus it gives us a visual indicator of a lightning bolt on our slide in our slideshow we click in the title and the first bullet point and then the next bullet point but i want thing to show up so i’m going to click on the title and clicking there brings the chart up on demand and then it continues on in the sequence so let’s go back to taking complete control of the animation and to do that we need to return back into the animation pane just as a side note the windows version does this slightly differently but on macs we can use the animation pane tool to control all that’s going on let’s do a quick animation of this whole slide command a we’ll select everything we’ll do the drop down entrance we’ll choose zoom just so that we can get some impact and visually see it happening like we saw before when we do quick animation of everything it takes the last bullet in this case bullet four and animates it at the exact same time as our clipart object we want to fix this when i expand the animation pane window to see the groupings i’m going to move the graphic for the clipart up to happen right after bullet point 2. when i drag it up it shows up there and notice that there is no click arrow so that means it will automatically appear when item 2 appears watch for the clipart to show up exactly when bullet 2 shows up simultaneously powerpoint lets us control how an object shows up by giving us three choices one is on click which is what we’re used to meaning that it will show up on the slide with the click of the mouse the second one is with previous which means that it will show up simultaneously which we’ve experienced several times here and the last choice for us is new it’s called after previous which means we can have it automatically show up after the previous bullet but we can control the timing so with the clipart graphic 4 selected we can go down under the tiny expanding dialog box you see we also can control when it shows up we’re going to keep it on after previous and then we can change the delay of how long it will wait before it automatically shows up on the screen i’m going to change this to three seconds i could actually type it in it works either way and let’s go ahead and see how this is going to work back to the slideshow for this slide click once to get the first one click second time now 1001 1002 1003 and without clicking the clipart shows up with our 3 second delay and then with future clicks everything returns back to normal that’s a slick trick to be able to automate the display of object in your presentation without having to worry about clicking the mouse other controls you have is to be able to change the duration you can do that at the top of the screen or actually in the timing section and what that means is how long it will take for the object to paint on the screen in other words how long will the duration of the animation happen in this case after bullet point two there’s a three second delay to show up on the screen when it does appear it takes one and a half second to paint and fully complete at this point you now see that there’s lots of choices and you can create some very elaborate effects however what if you want to use the same set of effects on another object but you don’t want to go through all the steps there’s an answer for that it’s called the animation painter say we want to copy the delay and the animation duration of our clipboard object i’m going to go ahead and insert a new object so that we can see how to be able to replicate both of those settings without having to put them in by hand with my new icon alarm clock positioned and resized i’m going to go ahead and click the original clipart and making sure i’m in the animation menu ribbon i can then go and choose animation painter and the next item i click is going to inherit both the duration and the delay watch as i click animation painter and i get a little paintbrush indicating that i’m painting on the settings for both the duration and the entrance delay and sure enough i click on graphic five you see that there’s the delay and the duration tied the alarm clock and it is now item number four following bullet four i could reposition it let’s go take a look and see how it follows the exact same settings after bullet two and bullet four appear on the screen there’ll be a three second delay and then a one and a half second painting of the individual clip arts the animation painter is a real time saver all you have to do is sequence it in the right location after painting however when it comes to text and bullet points the animation painter is not perfect both on windows and on the mac because the animation painter is painting the settings for the object not for the individual lines let’s take a look i’m going to go ahead and go through the same sequence of creating the one by one automation of bullets one through four let me speed this up i’ve sped up the entrance animation and the exit animation and then the reordering of each of the bullet points with the hope that we’re going to be able to use the animation painter to click and repeat but with the first placeholder selected and clicking the animation pane when i click on the second placeholder it replicates both the entrance and the exit but does not follow the right sequencing so it would do the same thing between all the entrances and then the exits the text painter does not replicate that sequence for text it replicates the entrance and the exit animations but not the individual interior lines in the animation ribbon there is one action icon we have yet to look at and that is path animation this particular tool is not about entrance or exit animations but moving an object inside of your slide there will be a starting point where the object begins and an ending point which is going to be shown on the screen let’s go ahead and choose turn and see how this looks when selected it gives us a preview and then it jumps back to where it began there are some subtle clues of where the start and ending are but in our current color scheme it is hard to see so for this tutorial i’m going to change the background to white and then we’ll be able to see the path of our animation there’s a small green arrow as a starting point and then the right hand turn and a small red item for the ending point when i click on the end point do not confuse the square highlight as representing the photo instead is representing the path of our turn so when i click the bottom edge which is the end point i can drag it over to where i want the photo to end up and we’ve changed the path let’s take a look this is the one and only object that’s animated so when i start the slideshow and i do a single click we’re gonna see it take the right turn in the app at our new location that we just created that’s pretty slick there you go your head should be spinning now with ideas of how to animate your mac powerpoint presentations if this was useful like it and share it with your co-workers and your friends and leave comments below specifically if you have ideas for other microsoft office mac specific training needs and do subscribe so you don’t miss any of our future tutorials on microsoft office and powerpoint if you want to see more we’ve got some clever ideas of how to animate smartart and also how to animate project status if you want to see all of our free training do visit us at our power dash up dot training website where all of our training is free forever until then go power up [Music]