Deep Dive: Advanced Pie Chart Tutorial

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If you wish to take complete control of PowerPoint Pie Charts, this is the EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW tutorial.

Quick formatting, detailed controls, pie rotation, fixing overlapping labels, and much more.


This tutorial is aimed at helping users create clear and compelling pie charts. The presenter notes that pie charts are a simple and effective way to present a single set of data, but there are some traps and tricks to creating them successfully. The tutorial begins by explaining how to use the chart design context-aware menu, which only appears when the chart is selected. The menu offers a quick layout tool, which allows users to choose from seven different preset styles, each with a variety of choices, including the removal of the legend and the placement of series titles and percentages.

The tutorial then explains how to use the chart style tool to format the chart quickly. Once a style is selected, some of the settings remain fixed, such as the outside legend and the percentages on the inside. This feature allows users to select a design that is close to what they want and then relook at more variations that are centered around their earlier choice.

Next, the tutorial explains how to add and remove elements from the chart using the chart design context-aware menu. The presenter demonstrates how to add a chart title and change its formatting by using the Format Chart pane. The tutorial also explains how to change the color scheme and the size and properties of each chart element, such as the title and callout boxes.

The tutorial then moves on to advanced features for pie charts, such as controlling specific elements like individual pie slices, rotating the pie, sorting the data by size, and adding data labels. The presenter warns that pie charts are best used for limited or smaller data sets and that larger data sets require additional visual aids, such as data labels or sorting. The tutorial also addresses potential issues, such as missing data or missing text, and offers tips on how to avoid them.

Finally, the tutorial offers an exercise in speed formatting where users can apply the advanced features they have learned in 60 seconds. Overall, the tutorial is a comprehensive guide to creating clear and effective pie charts using PowerPoint. The presenter offers practical advice and useful tips for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced users.


01:23 Quick Formatting
04:08 Adding and Removing Elements
05:19 Pie Theme Color Scheme
05:59 Full Control of the TITLE
08:45 What Elements Can Be Changed
09:22 Changing Individual Pie Slice Color
10:14 Separating out a Pie Slice
10:44 Pie Rotation
11:52 Small vs Large Data Sets
12:56 Optimizing Large Data Sets
13:15 Fix Overlapping Labels
14:50 Sorting Data Sets
15:52 Missing Data Sets from the Chart
17:23 Missing Text on the Chart
18:10 Spell Check is Broken in Charts
18:58 Dealing with Small Pie Slices
19:35 Bar of Pie vs Pie of Pie
20:06 Controlling display of Bar of Pie
23:41 Speed Formatting under 1 Minute


Subject Microsoft PowerPoint

Software Compatibility All versions


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